Easter holidays: Children from around the world exhibit drawings about hope and COVID-19 in the windows of SMK

Thousands of children from thirty-three different countries have drawn their hopes for the future in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. The drawings will be on prominent display in the windows of SMK (Statens Museum for Kunst) over Easter.
SMK is temporarily closed to visitors. But this Easter, everyone is welcome to enjoy a special display in the windows at SMK in Copenhagen when hundreds of children’s drawings on the theme of hope and the pandemic are projected onto silk banners hung inside the museum’s large expanses of glass. The drawings will be visible at night, when large parts of the building are lit up.

Drawing as an international language

The drawings show some of the many different thoughts that pass through children’s heads in these times of COVID-19 – from a hero fighting the coronavirus to scenes of elderly people standing alone, to a candle where hope for all the children in the world is outlined in the smoke rising from the flame.

Every night from 26 March to 5 April from 19.00 – midnight
Children’s drawings about hope and COVID-19 are projected onto three vast silk banners visible from outside the museum – from the Østre Anlæg park and from either end of the glass-roofed SMK Sculpture Street. Acess for free. More info from SMK: 

Easter holidays: Children from around the world exhibit drawings about hope and COVID-19 in the windows of SMK | SMK – National Gallery of Denmark in Copenhagen (Statens Museum for Kunst)


About #Tegnhåb / #Drawwithdenmark campaign

We focus on the children in the world most affected by the corona crisis. We do this with drawings that focus on the children - we see them and create visibility so that they are seen.

Viborg was the host city when the large TV show ‘Danmarks Indsamling’ – The United Danish Appeal for Funds campaign show - is broadcasted on Danish national TV from Viborg on 6 February. A very successfull Appeal with 120 mio dkr collected.

This year, the United Danish Appeal for Funds raised money for children of the corona crisis around the world. Covid-19 has a profound effect on human life across the globe. We all face our own daily difficulties maneuvering in the. However, in Denmark, we still get food, medical care and education. Not everyone does that around the world.

You can read more about the Danish Appeal here: https://danmarksindsamling.dk/about-danmarks-indsamling/

In Viborg, we want to use our animation environment and stronghold within visual creativity to raise awareness about this. We invite children and youth  around the world to take part in a drawing campaign and draw hope for the world's most vulnerable children.

When the drawings are finished, we hope you will share them with the rest of the world. The drawings will be a "gift" to other children in the form of a visual expression that brings hope and draws attention to the problems in the world - we see them, think about them - and make sure they are seen.

Also, the drawings will contribute to raise the awareness about conditions for children in countries where the pandemic has led to hunger, a collapsed healthcare system and closed schools. That's also why we do #drawwithdenmark!

Details on the drawing assignment

From 21 January till 11 March you can participate in the campaign by making a drawing that relates to one or more of these themes:

  • What would you like to be able to predict – e.g. palm reading - about the future of the children of the corona crisis?
  • Draw a person / character / superhero who fights the corona virus.
  • Draw a problem that the corona crisis has created for the children of the world and put a plaster over the problem to heal it.
  • Send Hope: Draw a candle and draw your hopes for the children of the Covid-19 crisis in the smoke or light.
  • Send hope: Let hope sprout by drawing a sprouting plant with leaves above the ground containing things you’d like to welcome in the future after corona
  • Draw a cool shield that can stop the corona crisis
  • Draw a child of the corona crisis who gets a helping hand

Participation is of course for free and you are very welcome to post or send us more drawings.

All children and youth are welcome to participate. There is no demand of any specific age, drawing or artistic skills. We believe diversity in skills and age is a strength in this campaign. Basically, drawing is a language for all whatever category, culture or country.

www.facebook.com/creativecityviborg, the Instagram profile: @unescocreativecityviborg and other social media platform will be supporting the drawing campaign.

Share your drawing for children affected by the corona crisis

We very much hope that everyone will share their drawings - preferably with name, age, city and country on it. It raises awareness of the important issue.

They can be shared in one or more of the following ways (if necessary, with the help from parents, teachers or other adults):

  • Instagram with indication of #Drawwithdenmark

  • Facebook with indication of #Drawwithdenmark

  • Send a picture of your drawing to creativecityviborg@viborg.dk - then we will exhibit it to the world through our Viborg UNESCO media platforms.

    Please name the files with first name, age and city/country indicator like e.g.:

    Georgina 9, Viborg DK

Finally, we will make a film with all the drawings. It will be shared with the whole world through Viborg's worldwide UNESCO network and on various other platforms.

We hope that with your drawing, you will help to draw a light of hope for the future for the children who have been hit hard by the corona crisis. We welcome you to



Viborg UNESCO Creative City reserves the right to use the submitted drawings in the dissemination of the campaign and the project, including passing them on to other UNESCO Creative Cities and others who wish to exhibit and display the drawings on non-commercial terms.

* Status 11 MArch: Children and youth from 33 nations worldwide have sent in more than 3200 drawings to the campaign. Examples can be seen on our Instagram profile.

** The organisers of the drawing campaign are Viborg UNESCO Creative City, Kulturskolen Viborg, The Drawing Academy TAW VIA University College and Visuel HF Viborg Gymnasium in collaboration with Danmarks Indsamling.

Draw with Denmark

The idea and creation of hopeful drawings

About Viborg UNESCO Creative City - Media Arts

Below you can get more information about Viborg UNESCO Creative City. We welcome you to an an an amazing world of animation, drawing, gaming, VR, film and phote and not least children and youth culture and creativity.

Viborg - a Danish hub for animation, gaming, XR and children & youth creativity

During the last thirty years a national hub of animation, gaming, XR, new media and innovative children and youth culture has evolved in Viborg through continous partnerships between education, businesses and public authorities. One of the world's best animation schools, The Animation Workshop is a central element in this development.

In 2019, it led to Viborg being designated as one of only 17 UNESCO Creative Cities in the field of Media Arts worldwide. The 17 cities are Austin (USA), Toronto (Canada) Guadalajara (Mexico), Cali (Columbia), Tel Aviv (Israel), Sapporo (Japan), Gwangju (South Korea), Dakar (Senegal), Enghien les Bains (Paris, France), York (GB), Linz (Austria), Kosice (Slovenia), Braga (Portugal), Karlsruhe (Germany), Changsa (China) and Lyon (France). Thus, connecting to Viborg you will also link up to the leading media arts cities in the world.

The visual, creative Viborg is characterized by a constant flow of knowledge, education, talent and productions, often with a high level of global involvement. This too, makes Viborg a perfect place to establish a studio or a company, that works within entertainment, digital marketing or functional animation, XR and gaming.

The Animation Workshop/VIA University College (TAW)

The Animation Workshop/VIA University College (TAW) is a very central part in our Creative City.  It enjoys a strong and wide reputation due to the top educations we provide for the international film industry, yet it is much more than a school. TAW is a part of VIA University College’s School of Business, Technology and Creative Industries and has expertise in the areas of education, culture, communication and business development. To this effect, TAW benefits from a strong international network of artists, professionals, companies, funding institutions and partner schools.


Arsenalet is Viborg’s creative cluster of businesses working with animation, games and new media. Arsenalet is situated in Viborg right next to The Animation Workshop and home to more than 40 companies, start-ups and freelancers.


Viborg Animation Festival (VAF) is Denmark’s largest animation festival. For a whole week in September, you can enjoy a carefully curated programme in the cinema for free, visit art exhibitions incorporating animation and VR in art pieces and installations, and attend conferences about learning, health and communication where animation, gaming and new technology play a key role.

Media College Denmark

Media College Denmark, was the first education in Viborg in the visual field when it opened in 1987. It teaches commercial photographers, image editors, professionals in film and TV production, and web masters. With 300 students, this is the biggest school of its kind in the Nordic countries.

Innovative children and youth culture

An innovative children and youth culture is a Viborg stronghold, too. ‘Kulturprinsen’ is an experimental development center for culture for children and youth and works from local to international level to ensure the rights of all children to experience art and culture in their everyday life. At Viborg Culture School, children, youth and adults are taught visual arts & design, music, game design & animation, performing arts and writing.

Learning and education 

Within formal education, the municipal Cultural Learning Center offers quality and interdisciplinary collaborations to children and young people, practice-related learning and cultural experiences in close cooperation with local businesses and institutions. VAF elements like ANIMOK and Game Expo invite school children into the world of animation. Animated Learning Lab promotes and facilitates the use of animation and film literacy as a didactic tool in all school subjects.

We look forward to welcome you into Viborg's fascinating world of visual creativity. 

Viborg Animation Festival -VAF

VAF is Denmark's largest international animation festival taking place each year in September. It is a celebration of the countless possibilities of animation and it shows that animation is more than entertainment: Animation is art, craft, teaching, and science dissemination.
Information about VAF

The Animation Workshop (TAW)

The Animation Workshop/VIA University College (TAW) enjoys a strong and wide reputation due to the top educations we provide for the international film industry, yet it is are much more than a school.
Information about TAW

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